What are Pineapple Wifi Tools?

Times have changed. Everything nowadays seems to be reliant on technology and the internet. Public Wifi has become more commonplace and maybe an utmost need more than a desire. However, the technology hasn’t just advanced for us; but also for the ones misusing it.

Just like everything else, the hacking tools have also reduced size and increased functionality. There are even plug-and-play hacking devices being used by hackers to destroy your reputation and steal your money. These devices are known as Pineapple Wifi Tools.

Just recently, the sitcom Silicon Valley highlighted these portable devices in one of its episodes from season 4. It showed how two techies are using a simple device to manipulate everyone’s data who is connected to the Wifi.

While the show may be fictional, the devices, unfortunately, are very real. We are highly prone to becoming a victim of these devices due to our need to connect with the internet all the time. Whether we’re shopping, having lunch, at school, or office, we need to know we have Wifi around us.

And that’s exactly how the hackers get to us. They lure us into their traps by offering us free Wifi publicly. They would offer it around populated shopping malls, cafes, and bus stops so we don’t get suspicious. As these kinds of places are pre-assumed to offer free Wifi, we don’t doubt even if there is something fishy.

We are using Public Wifi every day to upload pictures to Instagram, share our locations on Facebook, and even making transactions through PayPal. What we don’t realize is that accessing private data on public Wifi is the easiest way for hackers to steal our information.

It’s not even restricted to teens. Even many professionals decide to access sensitive emails, healthcare information, and even important official documents on their devices after connecting to a public Wifi. If not careful, any hacker can successfully steal all the sensitive information by manipulating your internet.

Pineapple Wifi tools work in the simplest way: 

1. Just turn it on. 2. Place it in a populated area.

Once you connect to a Wifi being controlled by these Pineapple Wifi Tools, you will succumb to a Man-in-middle attack. In this attack, the hacker intercepts the connection between your device and the internet. After manipulating your connection, the hacker is able to land you on malicious sites, monitor and track your online activities, and even steal your information such as: 

  • Email address and passwords
  • Websites you visit
  • Your Credit Card information
  • Your Healthcare and/or Banking details
  • Share your screen

Yes, the technology has made it unbelievably easy for the hackers to use such devices and steal your information without you even knowing about it. These devices are available to buy at the lowest cost of just $99. Which means, it is accessible by almost every hacker out there.

So how do you protect against such a device?

By being careful and practicing some basic cybersecurity measures, you can protect your reputation, money, and private data against these hackers. Let us share some best cybersecurity practices you can adopt to protect yourself over public Wifi services:

  • Use a VPN: This can’t be stressed enough. You should always use a VPN before connecting to a public Wifi. This will help you mask your IP address and encrypt your data so hackers can not steal your information. We recommend you to download Tunnel VPN and connect to it before using Public Wifi.
  • Always turn Wifi sharing off when you are outdoors. Sharing may be convenient when you are at your office or home, but always turn it off whenever you are visiting a mall, cafe, or bus stop.
  • Don’t access sensitive information over public Wifi. It will only make you more vulnerable. If it is really important and can’t wait, use a VPN before using the Wifi.
  • Always ask the employee or someone authentic at the place about the authenticity of the Wifi being offered. While this may seem unnecessary, this can really save you from a hacking attack. Most of the hacking victims don’t find it necessary to confirm Wifi authenticity. 
  • Keep your Bluetooth off. 

Change Your IP address in 3 Seconds

Your IP address is like your online identification. It is assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) When you visit websites online, surf the internet, or use social media platforms, your IP address is recorded by their servers and this is known as fingerprinting. 

Tracking You:

These websites or even your own ISP track, monitor and record your online activities based on your IP address. This is exactly how security agencies track and find a specific internet user. Also, your IP address is used by the website to determine whether you are a spam bot or not. 

Use Your Data For Advertisements:

However, this doesn’t go into your favor. By using the same IP address online, you leave a long history of your behavior online through digital fingerprints. Your ISP is able to not only record all your data but also deliver it to third party sources for research or advertisement purposes. These can also leak your physical location under the name of law as they have access to the information.

Prone To Cyber Attacks:

Also, by using the same IP address repeatedly, you are more prone to hacking attempts. I am not just referring to social media hacking attempts (although that can be horrible) but also to the robberies online where the hacker uses a group of IP addresses. You can be dragged into something you don’t even know about.

These and many other reasons show that it is altogether prudent to change your IP address and not repeat it everywhere. This can also help you reduce the number of fingerprints online. So, let’s dive a bit deeper and discuss the way you can change your IP address in seconds.

What is an IP address actually?

IP or Internet Protocol is a framework to identify and control the activity on the Internet. It consists of two parts: your network id and your device’s id. These parts help each other to connect to the internet worldwide. Your IP address is how the ISP is able to locate your device out of billion other devices.

Benefits of changing your IP address:

While some of the benefits have already been discussed above, let’s discuss some more:

  • The Governments can demand your ISP to provide all the details they have on you (which is a lot) By changing your IP address, you can reduce the amount of data your ISP has on you.
  • By changing your IP address you secure yourself physically as well. As discussed previously, any hacker can discover your physical address just by knowing your IP address and tracking you through it. However, you can stop that by changing your IP address.
  • If you live outside the USA, chances are you can’t access the internet most freely. The majority of countries have put some kind of limitations on the internet for their citizens. For example, if you live in Russia, chances are you won’t be able to access some of the most popular global social networks. By changing your IP address you can unblock these websites and networks easily.

How to change your IP address in 3 seconds?

So, here comes the big news.

You can change your IP address and stop all the tracking, tracing, monitoring, and data recording by using a VPN. Yes. It is really that simple. You don’t have to put your trust in proxies that don’t work and even do the opposite by gathering your data and misusing them. You don’t even have to use a Tor browser as the slow speed is really unbearable. 

All you need is a reliable VPN like Tunnel VPN to tap and change your IP address in 3 seconds. Tunnel VPN not only masks your IP address with one of its own but also encrypts your data so there is no chance of a hacker or sniffer stealing and misusing it. It is offering a free 7 day trial with a money-back facility so don’t procrastinate but download it now on your iPhone and IPad and change your IP address within seconds.

Unblock Exclusive Music on Spotify, Pandora & YouTube

Who doesn’t love music right? We all do. We have favorite genres of our own to suit every mood. In recent years, music streaming has become more commonplace than ever with a ton of music streaming apps coming out. 

Some of the most popular music streaming apps are Spotify, Pandora, and even YouTube. YouTube now offers a whole version of it known as YouTube Music where you can create different mixes and sort them into playlists.

While these music streaming services and apps are becoming quite the rage in most European countries and the USA; there are many countries where users can’t access at least some exclusive music or the whole service due to limited access.

In this article, we’re going to tell you a little trick using which you can access not only the app in your country but also at your school, office or places where you have been limited to use these apps.

What music streaming services can you unblock access to?

Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube Music are the most popular music streaming apps right now. Many infamous music artists are releasing exclusive albums on these platforms. While some of these albums are free to access, many of them are paid to play.

With our little trick, you should be able to access all the exclusive music for free.

How do they block your access?

Basically, they determine your location based on the IP address that has been assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) They have sort of blocklists where they have added a plethora of IP addresses from a specific region where they don’t want the music to be accessed. 

If you are living in any such country, unfortunately, you are not allowed to access even their websites–let alone the music. However, with our help, you should be able to not only access their music streaming websites but also the music lists itself.

What is the trick?

The trick is quite simple. “Use a powerful VPN” 

You see, when you use a VPN, such as the Tunnel VPN, it masks your current IP address with a new one. This new IP address is provided by servers located in countries where music streaming apps are allowed to be used. 

Let’s say, you are based in Russia and you are not allowed to access the US version of Spotify. What you can do is simply download our app from the store and connect it to a different server in it. It is a simple one-tap process. 

Once you connect to a server-based in the USA, Voila! You can now access the US version of the app and access all the exclusive content. You can the same trick to access content on Netflix as well no matter where you are from.

Just connect to a server and you are able to unblock unlimited content on these restricted websites.

Tunnel VPN offers you a 7-day trial with a money-back facility. If you are not content with the service, simply cancel the subscription anytime before the trial is over and we will return every penny to you. 

Top 10 Cybersecurity Experts on Twitter

Staying up to date with the latest trends in Cyber Security has become more important than ever. Especially when–amid the pandemic crisis–hackers are more active than ever. There have been multiple scams based shamelessly on the COVID-19. 

But while the world has gone down in a lock-down, we still can’t stay away from the internet as it is the only source of our connection to the rest of the world. We can still use the internet to stay updated on the latest trends in cybersecurity and to prepare ourselves against hackers in advance.

One such platform to get the latest updates, news, and tips for cybersecurity education is Twitter. There are some really great cybersecurity influencers who are spreading awareness about the topic and our safety online. 

10 topmost Cyber Security Experts on Twitter to follow right now:

1- Brian Krebs 


Brian is a well-known journalist who likes to investigate matters related to cybersecurity. If you want to know valuable and rational insights on issues surrounding cybersecurity, you should follow him.

2- Nicole Perlroth


Nicole is a cybersecurity writer. She writes for The New York Times. She is a great inspiration to everyone wanting to learn about cybersecurity. She has written about some renowned security cases. 

3- Gene Kim


Gene Kim is the founder of “Tripwire” an organization that provides Advanced Threat Solutions. Kim loves to write on Infosec and advanced cybersecurity advancements.

4- Paul Asadoorian


Paul is the CEO of Security Weekly. It is a blog based on the latest advancements, cases, and trends in cybersecurity. Paul loves to talk about the latest industry stories that live every Thursday.

5- Joseph Steinberg


Joseph runs a company by the name of “SecureMySocial” It guards businesses against reputational damages and informational leaks. Joseph is also the proud author of many cybersecurity books. Who wouldn’t want to learn about cybersecurity from such a guy?

6- Dan Goodin


Dan has 15+ years of experience in cybersecurity company “Ars Technica” He is currently the Security Editor at the company. He has a lot of knowledge of hackers’ techniques and how to cope with them.

7- Brian Honan


Brian is the founder of IRISS (Irish Reporting and Information Security Service) which is Ireland’s first Computer Emergency Response Team. Many European Security Agencies have relied on Biran’s expertise for security advice and help. Brian is also an active blogger.

8- Robin Wauters


Robin Wauters is a tech journalist and founder of a digital publication. His publication covers the latest trends and news in the European market. Walter also offers consultation to start-ups.

9- Swati Khandelwal


Swati is a leading reporter for “The Hacker News” which covers all the news on cybersecurity threats. Swati is an active Twitter influencer and her tweets are always full of enthusiasm for IT and everything cyber.

10- Bill Brenner


Bill is a Senior Program Manager at Akamai Technologies. Bill has written numerous valuable publications and articles about cybersecurity. Bill has also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the National Information Security group.

Is Zoom getting famous for the wrong reasons?

I came across a rather horrifying news a few days ago. The news said that over 500 Million Zoom Accounts were for sale on the notorious Dark Web. The news is nothing if not terrifying altogether. 500 Million accounts! And almost 80% of these accounts are made for professional usage. You can imagine how much danger it puts these account holders into. Their most sensitive information can be misused if it gets into the wrong hands. 

What exactly is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing and online meeting software tool. It allows you to connect to your company’s members and have remote meetings. Amid the current crisis, when the world went into lockdown, Zoom, out of nowhere, came out to be the first contender to provide remote video conferencing for professionals. It immediately gained popularity and through some word of mouth marketing, everybody started using it.

However, no long ago, some users started reporting data breaches and privacy invasions. Some of them reported their accounts being hacked, while many reported people taking hold of their videos and sending offensive pictures to them and the recipients. While it is usual to have the hackers try to invade privacy whenever there is a trending software, the providers usually counter the attempts by implementing reinforced cybersecurity. However, in this case, it seems that Zoom hasn’t done much for the security of its users. Due to this lack of security, many professionals have abandoned Zoom. 

What issues are we looking at?

Weak encryption:

Zoom basically boasts using the E2EE level of encryption to secure the user data. However, it is just partially true. While the end-to-end encryption sure is there for the data being transferred between users, it does not encrypt the endpoints. It means that the users’ data is still prone to theft at the endpoints.

Also, Zoom is said to be generating its encryption keys in China. Now if you have been following the news lately, you’ll already know that China is infamous for its strict surveillance and monitoring. It means that Zoom servers could be monitored by the Government. If that’s the case, no matter where you are using Zoom from, your data can still be tracked and recorded in China.

Multiple Hacking attempts:

As soon as Zoom gained popularity, the hackers became hyperactive and initiated cyber attacks on Zoom. As the software had weak encryption and poor security, the hackers were able to breach millions of accounts and label it “for sale” on the dark web. 

Big Brother:

If you have read George Orwell’s novel “1984” you’d remember the antagonist “Big brother” keeping an eye on everyone who worked for him (and even those who don’t) by using advanced tech. Same is the case today with Zoom being the advanced tech and your employers being the “Big Brother” They can use Zoom to keep an eye on you which is a severe breach of your privacy.

Collects Data:

Zoom collects lots of data from its users. From messages and account details to audio recordings, it records this data and hands it over to giants like Facebook, Linkedin, and Google for advertising purposes.

What’s more atrocious is that Zoom doesn’t even notify its users about the data it collects and sends to these third party sources. 

Let’s try to make Zoom safer:

  • Don’t send or accept innovations to or from people out of your network.
  • Double-check before downloading if you’re on the official website of Zoom.
  • Choose a unique and strong password to protect your meetings.
  • Use the waiting room function.
  • Don’t overshare information.
  • Don’t share critical or sensitive information.
  • Don’t share personal pictures.
  • Use a VPN to encrypt your data traffic on the internet.

Protect your data on Airport Wifi using an iPhone VPN

You may not know it–yet–but the free Airport Wifi isn’t safe most of the time. The only times it is safe to use is when:

  1. There is no hacker connected to the same network (which you can’t be sure about)
  2. You’re using a reliable iPhone VPN over free Airport Wifi.

If you haven’t been using a free vpn for iPhone when connecting to the internet at the Airport, you should join this discussion to learn more about the dangers of Airport Wifi and how VPNs protect you.

Airport Wifi is almost inevitable to be used:

Just like other free Wifi sources anywhere (Starbucks, Malls, Metro) it is almost impossible to resist free airport Wifi. Especially with our flights getting late, many of us may find enough time on our hands to surf the internet. 

Some of us will connect to the Airport Wifi and start checking emails, some might start watching TV on their phones and tablets, and some might even start making transactions over the internet. However, all of this can cause you damage if you are not using an iPhone VPN. Let’s learn how?

Why is Airport Wifi not safe?

Just like other public Wifi, the Airport Wifi is a kind of guest network that is open for everyone in the airport to connect. It means that you never know who else might be connected to the same network as you. If there’s a hacker or cybercriminal in the same vicinity as you, using that free Wifi on the airport without an iPhone VPN can result in devastating consequences. 

Hackers and cybercriminals can use simple to advance techniques to even share your screen. If you’re not using free VPN for iPhone, here’s what hacker and cybercriminals are able to do when they’re connected over the same Wifi as you:

  • Read your emails
  • Read your passwords
  • Read and record your credit card numbers as you enter them
  • Recording the information about the websites you visit
  • Recording and spying your private information

You really should avoid doing any of these when you’re connected to the public Wifi. However, if it’s important, you should use an iPhone VPN on your device before browsing the internet.

How does an iPhone VPN protect you over Airport Wifi

When you connect to the internet using a free VPN for iPhone, your data online is encrypted which protects it against snooping eyes of hackers and cybercriminals. Tunnel VPN iPhone assigns you a new IP address that masks your old IP address and protects you from tracking. It also saves you from leaving fingerprints over the internet. 

Along with the protection, you can also use the Tunnel VPN iPhone to stream exclusive content when you want to pass time at the airport. You can even connect to a server in your home country and browse your favorite sports and entertainment channels.

Top 5 crazy good benefits of VPN for iPhone

A VPN for iPhone app or Virtual Private Network provides you with something which the internet giants have failed to do so, “your privacy” 

In the recent years, it has been proven that many of our beloved internet giants (Google and Facebook mainly) have been exploiting our data to bombard us with ads, and even give our data to third party sources (for research and marketing purposes) which often had backfired when their servers got hacked and the data got leaked. 

A VPN for iPhone stops these giants and even our own ISP to keep an eye on our data and earn profits from it.

Yes, a majority of people are still not aware of the fact that our own ISP (Internet Service Providers) are always monitoring and tracking our online activities, only to provide the data to marketers and other data vendors. 

Some of the ISPs are even known to throttle the bandwidth for their internet users. 

So, yes, one of the best reasons to get a VPN app is “Privacy” But the benefits of a VPN app doesn’t just end there. Below are some of the really good benefits of using VPN software.

Crazy good benefits of using a VPN for iPhone:

You can buy cheap flight tickets using a VPN app:

Bet you are surprised after reading the title right? You might think, “How can a VPN for iPhone help me buy cheap tickets?” Basically what happens is that many of the airlines have different rates depending on the countries you are from. 

You can easily compare these prices by connecting to a different server on your VPN for the iPhone app and then buying the most reasonably priced ticket. Yes, you can do that. Also, a VPN app can also help you if you are planning on visiting a country for a vacation and want to hire cheap rental services and book rooms.

You can access your hometown’s websites from other countries using a VPN app:

Many people are surprised upon visiting a country when they realize that they are not allowed to access their home country’s internet (well, some of it at least) 

There are countries that don’t even allow you to use most of the common and widely used communication tools such as Gmail, Skype or Whatsapp.

If you are about to visit any such country, you’d be much better downloading a reliable VPN for iPhone app, so you are able to access your hometown’s websites without getting blocked.

You can enjoy a seamless internet using a VPN app:

Unfortunately, the internet isn’t as free as it is thought to be. Depending upon your Government, there are huge chances that you won’t be able to access much of the free internet freely. 

For example, in China, Russia, and some Middle Eastern countries, a plethora of websites are blocked and the local internet users aren’t able to access these websites. 

Well, not unless they use a VPN app. If you live under such suppression, using a VPN for iPhone is a great idea for you to access a seamless internet by unblocking all the websites.

You can stream exclusive Netflix content by using a VPN app

Now that the times are difficult, you would be using streaming sites more than you usually do right? But do you know that many of the streaming sites don’t offer you the exclusive content they make? Yes, that’s true. 

For example, if you are using the Asian version of Netflix, you won’t be able to access the US exclusive content. Not unless you connect to a VPN for iPhone app. Connecting to a dedicated server such as they offer in Tunnel VPN can unblock the exclusive content so you are able to watch it directly.

Watch sports channels outside the USA using a VPN app

Now if you’re like 90% of the world, you love one or another type of sport. 

But unfortunately, if you travel abroad a lot, you may miss some of the most important sports events due to the restricted access to your favorite sports channels. 

However, if you have a reliable VPN for iPhone app, you can connect to the server in your country and access your favorite sports channels.

Hottest 5 reasons to use a VPN for gaming

Colors popping out, cars racing out, and everyone shouting in their headphones; gaming can be extremely fun right? If you’re a serious gamer, you’ll agree that gaming boosts your energy and creativity. With so many exclusive gaming titles coming out this year, let’s discuss some of the hottest reasons why you should opt for vpn gaming.

VPN for gaming can prove to be a lifesaver for multiple reasons–some of which we’ll be discussing below. While a VPN is mainly known to protect your privacy, stop tracking and unblock websites, one undermined benefit of VPN is its use for VPN gaming. From reduced gaming lags to accessing geo-blocked games, VPN for gaming can make your gaming experience an awesome one. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the top 5 reasons for using VPN gaming.

VPN for gaming reduces game lags

You must have experienced the frustration of gaming lags. The moment when you were about to kill the enemy or final boss and the game decided to freeze… messing with the opportunity to finish that battle. Even the infamous PUBG has many moments like this where it freezes and the player’s character is already dead long before it unfreezes. VPN gaming, on the other hand, can provide you with the stability to improve these game lags and thus saves your efforts and progress.

VPN gaming protects you online

A majority of online gamers have experienced online scams and hacking attempts in one way or another. From identity theft to phishing scams, especially when you have to connect to the separate gaming server to establish the connection. Unfortunately, this server isn’t fully protected and can open your device to partial hacking attempts and data theft. VPN gaming can be a viable solution, as a VPN for gaming encrypts your traffic passing through the server.

VPN for gaming can give you an early access

Some of the large video gaming companies pre-release their games days before they are publicly available worldwide. Gaming companies such as Ubisoft, and Rockstar games have done that. Now, if you’re a serious gamer, you know waiting for the game might be a bit difficult. VPN gaming can give you the opportunity to connect to a server in the pre-released country and get early access to the game. 

VPN gaming protects you against DDoS attacks

Like other industries, the gaming industry is also full of rivalry and jealousy. A majority of gaming platforms are often targeted by rival DDoS attacks. These attacks can not only slow the connection speed but can also block the data streams. Using a VPN for gaming can protect you against such attacks.

VPN for gaming can give you access to geo-blocked titles

Many countries all over the world have some restrictions or bans on many infamous gaming titles. For example, Chinese citizens aren’t allowed to play the Grand Theft Auto series due to the Government imposed ban. Most of the games that depict or promote nudity, violence and gambling are prone to be banned by these countries. However, VPN gaming can help you unblock these gaming titles and secure your identity.

This VPN for iPhone unblocks YouTube everywhere

YouTube is one of the most popular and used media-consuming websites all around the world. It began as a simple video sharing platform which has soon become an inevitable part of our lives. Almost everyone spends anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour on average on YouTube daily. From entertainment to education, it has it all. But unfortunately, due to multiple reasons, it is either completely blocked in many countries, or at least partially restricted–especially if you live outside the USA. In today’s discussion, you’ll learn how to unblock YouTube anywhere by using a Tunnel VPN for iPhone.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video-sharing website that is publicly available for everyone to share, comment, upload and like the content. It started back in 2005 and has soon become a platform for education, entertainment, and information sharing. The influencers on YouTube are commonly known as YouTubers and are no less than a celebrity in themselves. Also, YouTube offers multiple quality variations of a video so everyone could watch that video despite having a slow internet connection. But while slow internet connection may not be an issue, a blocked YouTube is, and that is why we’ll slip you a viable solution to unblock YouTube today.

Which countries have blocked (partially or completely) YouTube?

While not every country has imposed a complete ban on YouTube, there are many countries that have banned either a plethora of videos, or a specific portion of YouTube. Some countries are running their own versions of YouTube just to keep their citizens away from the real media-consuming platform. Here’s is the list of countries that have completely banned YouTube:

  • China
  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Turkmenistan

Here’s the list of countries that have partially banned or restricted YouTube:

  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Sudan
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkey

How to unblock YouTube in your country? (or anywhere)

Firstly, you should know that YouTube or your own ISP blocks your access by detecting your geo-location-based on your device’s IP address (which is assigned to you by the ISP) So, in order to spoof your ISP or YouTube’s servers, you need to use a reliable VPN for iPhone such as Tunnel VPN – VPN Proxy Master. When you connect to a US-based server in Tunnel VPN, it obfuscates (masks) your real IP address with one of its own server IP addresses based in the USA. This way, YouTube servers think that you are logging in from the USA and it unblocks YouTube.

Bonus: You can use Tunnel VPN for iPhone to unblock YouTube at your school, college, and office without letting anyone catch you.

How to avoid cryptocurrency scams

How to avoid cryptocurrency scams

$6726.53. This is today’s worth of one bitcoin. In recent years, cryptocurrency has gained momentum and quickly become one of the most highly coveted currencies in the world. While the cryptocurrency has become a highly valued commodity, the cryptocurrency scams surrounding it have become more potent and commonplace. More and more people are being robbed out of their cryptocurrency units every day. So, how can we protect against them?

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, this article will guide you to the best practices you can adopt to avoid cryptocurrency scams. When you deal with cryptocurrency, you are always at a high risk of a cryptocurrency scam. Some of these scams are quite innovative and sophisticated enough for anyone to identify it before it’s too late.

Due to the digital nature of cryptocurrency, you need a smart device to store or transact it. If a hacker is able to hack your device, he or she can not only steal your private data but also the cryptocurrency from your wallet. Even if your wallet is encrypted with multiple protections, they can use the stolen data to imitate you and access your wallet to steal cryptocurrency from it. So, how do we protect ourselves?

What is cryptocurrency?

If you are already an expert on cryptocurrency, you are welcome to skip this introductory section and move onto the next section. However, we still recommend you reading through it at least once. 

Cryptocurrency, as the name suggests, is a digital format of cash. It allows you to make online transactions using the P2P Electronic Cash System. This way, the records of the financial transactions between you and the other user remains safe and publicly available for credibility.

The reason why people all around the world prefer to transact online using cryptocurrencies is based on its three attributes, “Decentralization,” “Open source,” and “Peer to Peer” network system which makes it safe and reliable for online financial transactions.

Many also prefer cryptocurrency due to the freedom they have with the transactions. There is no middleman involved in the transactions. While this may sound great, it is actually the reason how hackers and scammers target cryptocurrency users.

What are the benefits of Cryptocurrency?

One of the most important benefits of using cryptocurrency is free transactions. You don’t have to worry about paying bank fees (which is often a lot), exchange fees and rates. You will agree that some of the currency exchange rates are not reliable and can be very different depending on the region. 

Due to its ability to transcend borders, many NGOs and social right organizations — that aren’t approved by Governments — accept cryptocurrency. 

In some of the markets around the world, you can also buy electronic gadgets and other items using cryptocurrency. In fact, the infamous Dark Internet is famous for trading in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency scams to look out for:

While there are many types of cryptocurrency scams (from clicking on a link to Man-in-the-middle attack) these are some of the general types of cryptocurrency scams you should be careful about:

Man-in-middle attack:

This is one of the most dangerous cryptocurrency scams out there. This is more like a hacking attempt as the hacker intercepts in between a transaction going through between two victims by intercepting their data packets and even changing their locations. 

What they do is that they send malware to you through an email or another source. Once you have the malware installed on your computer or let it run in the background while you are making a transaction, the hacker is able to change the end-point location of your transaction, thus luring you into sending money to the hacker.

Using your personal information:

Millions of users’ personal information is for sale on the Dark Web. All of this data has come from scams, hacking attempts and third-party sources. Now imagine that if someone gets his hands on your data, and uses it to access your wallet successfully, he can easily rob you out of your crypto money. You won’t even notice it before it’s too late.

Using a Public Wifi:

Much of the data is or can easily be stolen if you’re sharing a public Wifi with a hacker. The hackers can use advanced techniques to share your screen and thus, track and trace what you are doing online. It is extremely dangerous when you are carrying a financial transaction over a public Wifi.

How to avoid cryptocurrency scams?

  • Always use a reliable VPN. (It will encrypt your data)
  • Never access your wallet over a Public Wifi.
  • Always use a trusted antivirus and security app.
  • Don’t share your crypto credentials and details with anyone.
  • Always be skeptical about the unknown emails you receive from anyone.