Change Your IP address in 3 Seconds

Your IP address is like your online identification. It is assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) When you visit websites online, surf the internet, or use social media platforms, your IP address is recorded by their servers and this is known as fingerprinting. 

Tracking You:

These websites or even your own ISP track, monitor and record your online activities based on your IP address. This is exactly how security agencies track and find a specific internet user. Also, your IP address is used by the website to determine whether you are a spam bot or not. 

Use Your Data For Advertisements:

However, this doesn’t go into your favor. By using the same IP address online, you leave a long history of your behavior online through digital fingerprints. Your ISP is able to not only record all your data but also deliver it to third party sources for research or advertisement purposes. These can also leak your physical location under the name of law as they have access to the information.

Prone To Cyber Attacks:

Also, by using the same IP address repeatedly, you are more prone to hacking attempts. I am not just referring to social media hacking attempts (although that can be horrible) but also to the robberies online where the hacker uses a group of IP addresses. You can be dragged into something you don’t even know about.

These and many other reasons show that it is altogether prudent to change your IP address and not repeat it everywhere. This can also help you reduce the number of fingerprints online. So, let’s dive a bit deeper and discuss the way you can change your IP address in seconds.

What is an IP address actually?

IP or Internet Protocol is a framework to identify and control the activity on the Internet. It consists of two parts: your network id and your device’s id. These parts help each other to connect to the internet worldwide. Your IP address is how the ISP is able to locate your device out of billion other devices.

Benefits of changing your IP address:

While some of the benefits have already been discussed above, let’s discuss some more:

  • The Governments can demand your ISP to provide all the details they have on you (which is a lot) By changing your IP address, you can reduce the amount of data your ISP has on you.
  • By changing your IP address you secure yourself physically as well. As discussed previously, any hacker can discover your physical address just by knowing your IP address and tracking you through it. However, you can stop that by changing your IP address.
  • If you live outside the USA, chances are you can’t access the internet most freely. The majority of countries have put some kind of limitations on the internet for their citizens. For example, if you live in Russia, chances are you won’t be able to access some of the most popular global social networks. By changing your IP address you can unblock these websites and networks easily.

How to change your IP address in 3 seconds?

So, here comes the big news.

You can change your IP address and stop all the tracking, tracing, monitoring, and data recording by using a VPN. Yes. It is really that simple. You don’t have to put your trust in proxies that don’t work and even do the opposite by gathering your data and misusing them. You don’t even have to use a Tor browser as the slow speed is really unbearable. 

All you need is a reliable VPN like Tunnel VPN to tap and change your IP address in 3 seconds. Tunnel VPN not only masks your IP address with one of its own but also encrypts your data so there is no chance of a hacker or sniffer stealing and misusing it. It is offering a free 7 day trial with a money-back facility so don’t procrastinate but download it now on your iPhone and IPad and change your IP address within seconds.