Protect your data on Airport Wifi using an iPhone VPN

You may not know it–yet–but the free Airport Wifi isn’t safe most of the time. The only times it is safe to use is when:

  1. There is no hacker connected to the same network (which you can’t be sure about)
  2. You’re using a reliable iPhone VPN over free Airport Wifi.

If you haven’t been using a free vpn for iPhone when connecting to the internet at the Airport, you should join this discussion to learn more about the dangers of Airport Wifi and how VPNs protect you.

Airport Wifi is almost inevitable to be used:

Just like other free Wifi sources anywhere (Starbucks, Malls, Metro) it is almost impossible to resist free airport Wifi. Especially with our flights getting late, many of us may find enough time on our hands to surf the internet. 

Some of us will connect to the Airport Wifi and start checking emails, some might start watching TV on their phones and tablets, and some might even start making transactions over the internet. However, all of this can cause you damage if you are not using an iPhone VPN. Let’s learn how?

Why is Airport Wifi not safe?

Just like other public Wifi, the Airport Wifi is a kind of guest network that is open for everyone in the airport to connect. It means that you never know who else might be connected to the same network as you. If there’s a hacker or cybercriminal in the same vicinity as you, using that free Wifi on the airport without an iPhone VPN can result in devastating consequences. 

Hackers and cybercriminals can use simple to advance techniques to even share your screen. If you’re not using free VPN for iPhone, here’s what hacker and cybercriminals are able to do when they’re connected over the same Wifi as you:

  • Read your emails
  • Read your passwords
  • Read and record your credit card numbers as you enter them
  • Recording the information about the websites you visit
  • Recording and spying your private information

You really should avoid doing any of these when you’re connected to the public Wifi. However, if it’s important, you should use an iPhone VPN on your device before browsing the internet.

How does an iPhone VPN protect you over Airport Wifi

When you connect to the internet using a free VPN for iPhone, your data online is encrypted which protects it against snooping eyes of hackers and cybercriminals. Tunnel VPN iPhone assigns you a new IP address that masks your old IP address and protects you from tracking. It also saves you from leaving fingerprints over the internet. 

Along with the protection, you can also use the Tunnel VPN iPhone to stream exclusive content when you want to pass time at the airport. You can even connect to a server in your home country and browse your favorite sports and entertainment channels.