Top 10 Cybersecurity Experts on Twitter

Staying up to date with the latest trends in Cyber Security has become more important than ever. Especially when–amid the pandemic crisis–hackers are more active than ever. There have been multiple scams based shamelessly on the COVID-19. 

But while the world has gone down in a lock-down, we still can’t stay away from the internet as it is the only source of our connection to the rest of the world. We can still use the internet to stay updated on the latest trends in cybersecurity and to prepare ourselves against hackers in advance.

One such platform to get the latest updates, news, and tips for cybersecurity education is Twitter. There are some really great cybersecurity influencers who are spreading awareness about the topic and our safety online. 

10 topmost Cyber Security Experts on Twitter to follow right now:

1- Brian Krebs 


Brian is a well-known journalist who likes to investigate matters related to cybersecurity. If you want to know valuable and rational insights on issues surrounding cybersecurity, you should follow him.

2- Nicole Perlroth


Nicole is a cybersecurity writer. She writes for The New York Times. She is a great inspiration to everyone wanting to learn about cybersecurity. She has written about some renowned security cases. 

3- Gene Kim


Gene Kim is the founder of “Tripwire” an organization that provides Advanced Threat Solutions. Kim loves to write on Infosec and advanced cybersecurity advancements.

4- Paul Asadoorian


Paul is the CEO of Security Weekly. It is a blog based on the latest advancements, cases, and trends in cybersecurity. Paul loves to talk about the latest industry stories that live every Thursday.

5- Joseph Steinberg


Joseph runs a company by the name of “SecureMySocial” It guards businesses against reputational damages and informational leaks. Joseph is also the proud author of many cybersecurity books. Who wouldn’t want to learn about cybersecurity from such a guy?

6- Dan Goodin


Dan has 15+ years of experience in cybersecurity company “Ars Technica” He is currently the Security Editor at the company. He has a lot of knowledge of hackers’ techniques and how to cope with them.

7- Brian Honan


Brian is the founder of IRISS (Irish Reporting and Information Security Service) which is Ireland’s first Computer Emergency Response Team. Many European Security Agencies have relied on Biran’s expertise for security advice and help. Brian is also an active blogger.

8- Robin Wauters


Robin Wauters is a tech journalist and founder of a digital publication. His publication covers the latest trends and news in the European market. Walter also offers consultation to start-ups.

9- Swati Khandelwal


Swati is a leading reporter for “The Hacker News” which covers all the news on cybersecurity threats. Swati is an active Twitter influencer and her tweets are always full of enthusiasm for IT and everything cyber.

10- Bill Brenner


Bill is a Senior Program Manager at Akamai Technologies. Bill has written numerous valuable publications and articles about cybersecurity. Bill has also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the National Information Security group.