Top 5 crazy good benefits of VPN for iPhone

A VPN for iPhone app or Virtual Private Network provides you with something which the internet giants have failed to do so, “your privacy” 

In the recent years, it has been proven that many of our beloved internet giants (Google and Facebook mainly) have been exploiting our data to bombard us with ads, and even give our data to third party sources (for research and marketing purposes) which often had backfired when their servers got hacked and the data got leaked. 

A VPN for iPhone stops these giants and even our own ISP to keep an eye on our data and earn profits from it.

Yes, a majority of people are still not aware of the fact that our own ISP (Internet Service Providers) are always monitoring and tracking our online activities, only to provide the data to marketers and other data vendors. 

Some of the ISPs are even known to throttle the bandwidth for their internet users. 

So, yes, one of the best reasons to get a VPN app is “Privacy” But the benefits of a VPN app doesn’t just end there. Below are some of the really good benefits of using VPN software.

Crazy good benefits of using a VPN for iPhone:

You can buy cheap flight tickets using a VPN app:

Bet you are surprised after reading the title right? You might think, “How can a VPN for iPhone help me buy cheap tickets?” Basically what happens is that many of the airlines have different rates depending on the countries you are from. 

You can easily compare these prices by connecting to a different server on your VPN for the iPhone app and then buying the most reasonably priced ticket. Yes, you can do that. Also, a VPN app can also help you if you are planning on visiting a country for a vacation and want to hire cheap rental services and book rooms.

You can access your hometown’s websites from other countries using a VPN app:

Many people are surprised upon visiting a country when they realize that they are not allowed to access their home country’s internet (well, some of it at least) 

There are countries that don’t even allow you to use most of the common and widely used communication tools such as Gmail, Skype or Whatsapp.

If you are about to visit any such country, you’d be much better downloading a reliable VPN for iPhone app, so you are able to access your hometown’s websites without getting blocked.

You can enjoy a seamless internet using a VPN app:

Unfortunately, the internet isn’t as free as it is thought to be. Depending upon your Government, there are huge chances that you won’t be able to access much of the free internet freely. 

For example, in China, Russia, and some Middle Eastern countries, a plethora of websites are blocked and the local internet users aren’t able to access these websites. 

Well, not unless they use a VPN app. If you live under such suppression, using a VPN for iPhone is a great idea for you to access a seamless internet by unblocking all the websites.

You can stream exclusive Netflix content by using a VPN app

Now that the times are difficult, you would be using streaming sites more than you usually do right? But do you know that many of the streaming sites don’t offer you the exclusive content they make? Yes, that’s true. 

For example, if you are using the Asian version of Netflix, you won’t be able to access the US exclusive content. Not unless you connect to a VPN for iPhone app. Connecting to a dedicated server such as they offer in Tunnel VPN can unblock the exclusive content so you are able to watch it directly.

Watch sports channels outside the USA using a VPN app

Now if you’re like 90% of the world, you love one or another type of sport. 

But unfortunately, if you travel abroad a lot, you may miss some of the most important sports events due to the restricted access to your favorite sports channels. 

However, if you have a reliable VPN for iPhone app, you can connect to the server in your country and access your favorite sports channels.